Want to enter into a top branch of IIT, NIT or become a doctor from a top medical colleges in India?
Then this app is for you only.

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An Amazing app for JEE Main, JEE Advance, NEET(UG) & GATE


Progress Tracker

You can view the statistics of your progress & of more than 1200 individual topics for both JEE Main & or JEE Advanced in the completion order of subjects as well as overall


Revision Planner

Choose topics for Revision & later revise them & see your statistics & progress. This will help you to effectively save your time & enable you to spend on some of your weaker areas.


Star Marker

Star each & every subtopics that you percieve as important for your dream & retrack them later at any moment of time.



For JEE & NEET, Subjets are not just 3, They are 5 in the order of Physics, Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry & Mathematics. but why? because now it is much more easier to prepare